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Leg Training always a fun filled session

Wednesday is always Leg training day, I have good leg development but never look forward to the session guess non of us ever do….. Quads: leg extensions: 3 warm up sets followed by 4 working sets Leg press Pscarb Style: This is 6 sets of 10 reps with 10 seconds rest between each set) Hamstrings DB Stiff Leg […]

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Shoulders & Arms

Had a busy day working from home catching up on some projects that are due to be completed soon but with being at home getting my meals in before the training session which certainly makes a huge difference for me even now when between prep diets…. So training was Shoulders and Arms, I have modified […]

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Team PScarb

Hi everyone my name is Paul Scarborough but I am known in Body Building as Pscarb. I am 42 have a family of 3 kids and a great wife, I have been competing in this sport for 21yrs and training for 23yrs in these 23yrs I have seen and experienced most things in the world […]

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