2017 what a year

It’s been a fair while since i did a blog post, in fact 9 months, i intended to write one every few months but that plan was disrupted by a severe case of sepsis on Father’s Day 2017.

I have what they call a tunnel line in my right side of my chest. This where they attach me up to the dialysis unit. It is highly susceptible to infection and it got infected. I had contracted what the hospital said was the worse case of Sepsis they had ever seen……
I was admitted to hospital and that started 9months of hell….in the following weeks and months I had a collapsed lung, 5 surgeries in 6 days on both my legs, clots in my chest, and water around my heart causing chronic heart failure…
I spent 8 weeks in hospital which was a nightmare. For the first 6 weeks more and more things were being found daily. There were a few times I did not think I was going to survive, i tried to remain positive but this was hard when you have to go into surgery for 2 x 3-4hr surgeries on the same day on both legs

I missed my family loads and although my wife was with me daily the kids could not visit that often. I only saw my 1yr old Sam twice in the whole 8 weeks. My kids (Kiana, Aiden, Joe) were all amazing. My wife was on a whole other level, she had been there from the beginning watching her husband and partner of over 20yr fight for his life week after week. It was my family that kept me going throughout these last 9 months.

This all meant that the kidney transplant that was scheduled for August 2017 had to be cancelled and when i heard this, i cried. Everything I had been looking towards was just taken away from me. This was a real low point for me…

As I am writing this I am within 11 days of my rescheduled transplant on the 23rd of Feb. To be honest, after what I have been through I am really anxious about the operation.
I will be in hospital for 7-10 days recovering from the surgery with a recovery at home period of 4-6 weeks afterwards. Then I can finally look at getting back to my normal self (or as close to it as I can)

I have lost approximately 25kg of muscle since that day I was taken to hospital to today (Feb 2019) This in its self has been very bad for my mental health. I have recently been able to get back to the gym but this was only for 20 minutes. I managed a few bicep curls, free standing squats and 10min on a treadmill before I was knackered. Guess it was better than nothing and I need to take small steps.

Sepsis nearly killed me and before I caught it I had no understanding of it and how deadly it can be, below are the signs to look out for. Please read them and cast them to memory so you do not suffer like I did….

Early symptoms of sepsis may include:
* a high temperature (fever) or low body temperature
* chills and shivering
* a fast heartbeat
* fast breathing
In some cases, symptoms of more severe sepsis or septic shock (when your blood pressure drops to a dangerously low level) develop soon after.
These can include:
* feeling dizzy or faint
* a change in mental state – such as confusion or disorientation
* diarrhoea 
* nausea and vomiting
* slurred speech
* severe muscle pain
* severe breathlessness
* less urine production than normal – for example, not urinating for a day
* cold, clammy and pale or mottled skin
* loss of consciousness

This quote makes me thankful I am still on this earth
only approximately 30% survived the first year after hospital admission.

In the worst cases, blood pressure drops, the heart weakens, and the patient spirals toward septic shock. Once this happens, multiple organs—lungs, kidneys, liver—may quickly fail, and the patient can die. Sepsis is a major challenge in hospitals, where it’s one of the leading causes of death.

the symptoms can look like a common case of the flu so if you experience any of the above symptoms get c.hecked out…..be safe

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