Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 3

It’s been a roller-coaster few weeks since my last update…

the positives have been a weekend away at Centre Parks with the family and the long awaited clearing of my sister by the haematology department at Sheffield Hospital…….

When in dialysis they screen your blood once a month, taking a sample pre-session and post-session, this is so they can see how the dialysis is benefiting me and to see if i need more or less medication external to the dialysis (as if that isn’t enough)

end of March blood tests came back and unfortunately showed a drop in my kidney function before dialysis and not as much of an increase after the session, this isn’t good to be fair as it means although i am having dialysis my kidneys are still declining, some might think “what does it matter? you are on dialysis” the problem is that the further they decline the more side effects i get, they have dropped to 9 pre and only up to 20 post….

if they drop much more i could lose the ability to urinate and that would piss me off………

what was also noticed was that my haemoglobin and iron was low so i am now on 3 x weekly shots of EPO (Tour De France here i come) and a monthly injection of Iron.
due to this medication, my breathing has got much better so training is better although i still need to learn how to pull back a little…..

i have structured my training to a 3 day week of Monday/Wednesday/Friday from next week this will go back to one of my favourite routines of Push/Legs/Pull……

i am being pushed along in my sessions by my good friends and training partners Craig and Martin i don’ think i would be able to maintain the intensity in the gym without these two pushing me along whilst making sure i don’t push too far…..

the video below was from one of our last Chest & Back workouts that me and Martin did (he is currently a few days out from his first show of the year) putting in some bent over DB rows to finish the session off

my diet is rock solid Monday to Friday with the weekends a little more relaxed not necessarily full of crap just a more relaxed approach so i can eat out with the wife and/or family.
i still track my food through the week and stick with a calorie total of 2225 Cals……i don’t hit it all the time as dialysis can really affect my appetite but its the number i aim for…….due to dialysis i am not hungry first thing in the morning so i tend to fast until around 11.00am most if not all week.

this calorie total combined with the training has allowed me to keep in reasonable condition, i was recently asked why if i have retired and going through dialysis would i want to track food and stick to a calorie amount, the answer is simple i don’t want to be FAT and on dialysis……how i look is still something i can control for the time being so why not? this will change when i have the transplant as for at least 2 months i won’t be able to work or train so will be restricted mainly to bed….

i am trying to get my head round the fact i will lose a load of weight but i will be healthy and i can put the muscle back on…….that might sound strange to some but when you have trained pretty much the majority of weeks over the last 30yrs its hard to get a grip the fact you won’t be able to for 2-3 months.

As i mentioned at the start my sisters now been referred back to the live donor team so we are hoping she will get her 1 stop Wednesday sorted soon so we can get this transplant back on track, it does seem more likely that the transplant will more than likely happen in June/July than May so if this is the case i will need to cancel my family holiday, the family can and will still go as we go with my wife mum and step dad so being on holiday with 4 kids will not be a handful for just my wife……

Failing that the dialysis unit will make plans for me to do my dialysis sessions in a private hospital 10min drive from the hotel we are staying at in Gran Canary

I won’t be judging the shows i normally judge this year, the only one i will judge is the NABBA West which is this coming weekend the 30th of May……i just cannot travel and then judge for the full day this year so no British either……

i also won’t be on the Samson Athletics stall at BodyPower either again my body just cannot handle it this year, i am hoping to travel up on the Saturday with my wife to just meet up with friends and have a nice relaxing night in a posh hotel….

So how am i dealing with the constant weekly dialysis sessions? overall not to bad, i get the odd day when it gets me down and i withdraw into myself but i soon snap out of it when i realise for everything i am going through there are oh so many people worse off than i am and i should be thankful for the little bit of good health i still have and the huge supportive circle i have with both family and friends…….

i think that’s about it for this blog hopefully it has been a good read for you all……

5 comments on “Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 3”

  1. Alan Baxter Reply

    Best of luck Paul you really are an inspiration going through dialysis and still sticking to a good diet and training routine.
    All the best for your operation and am sure with your attitude you will be fighting fit in no time.

  2. Dave Reply

    Hi Paul! Thanks loads for these updates. I wish you and your family all the best. I’m having a kidney biopsy on June 6th and haven’t been feeling great. After checking my blood a couple of times, the specialist wants to rush me through. I’ve been getting crippling gout for several months now and have been feeling a bit low myself. Training (when possible), is my salvation too. Your blogs are inspirational! Please keep them going. Many thanks again!

    • Pscarb Reply

      thanks for the message buddy i am humbled to hear that what i write is of some way inspirational to others.

      i wish you the best of luck with your biopsy, i have had 2 myself and i will be honest neither was a good experience….

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