Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 2

I received such a great response to my first blog post about my kidney disease……

I said I wanted to update the blog once a week but unfortunately the last 2 weeks have not been great, last week I had a stomach bug this combined with the lack of appetite from dialysis had me dropping 5kg in weight in 5 days so as you can expect not a great week, this gave me the added issue of cramping through the night which then led me to not get any decent night’s sleep, it seemed to be a never-ending circle of issues for that week.

as I mentioned in my first blog I have been aiming to get 3 training sessions in per week unfortunately due to the stomach bug and work I only managed to train once the whole week another reason why I was keen for the week to finish….this video was from that one training session that week

this took its toll on me last weekend with me not wanting to do much and close myself away, this didn’t last long as my awesome wife won’t let me feel sorry for myself for too long, so a bit of time with her and the boys was on the cards to cheer me up…..

the start of this last week was much better, felt great and Monday was a good training session, i did not travel for work last week so was able to spend more time with the family.

unfortunately, I was feeling pretty tired through the week, not wanting to think it was anything connected to my kidneys i told myself it was down to not getting a good nights sleep or training was more intense than usual.

Last Wednesday i had my monthly bloods taken both before and after my dialysis session (this is a breeze these days as they take the blood from the tubes inserted in to my chest so no needle marks in my arms)

I received the results on Friday and they confirmed what I had been thinking all week and that was that my levels had dropped, only that could explain the constant tiredness I was feeling, plus my consultant has put me back on EPO (3 x week) and Iron (100mg once a month)

my kidney function has fallen down to 9ml/min to put this into perspective when I entered Dialysis it was at 10ml/min over the last 2 months it had improved slightly to 12ml/min before my dialysis sessions and 30ml/min after a session, now it is 9ml/min pre-session and 20ml/min post-session a very small drop but a significant one.

i need to watch my training now to make sure i am not overdoing it in the gym that is easier said than done really as i still want to push it in the gym, thats the real problem with where i am with this illness on the outside i look fine, people tell me every day that i look normal so i attempt to do things and my body just shouts FUCK OFF!!!!!!

as i mentioned earlier i spoke to my consultant last week and he shared my frustration with the lack of progress my sister is having with the live donor team in Sheffield, he has agreed to bring my sister down to Plymouth for the 4 investigations she has to complete to be a live donor, i am hoping this will happen in April so by mid May we will have everything we need to proceed for the transplant, this just means we need to book a theatre date, unfortunatly in the current state of the NHS i am not hopeful this will be anytime soon.

So my consultant has told me to be prepared to go on my family holiday as a dialysis patient, which means whilst i am away in Gran Canaria i will be collected from the hotel and taken to a dialysis unit twice in the 7 days i am going to be there, not ideal but needs must.

i want to finish this weeks blog by explaining the blood test that is used by your GP to determine if you have CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) the test is called the eGFR (Estimated Glomular Filtration Rate)the eGFR is a calcalation of the following
Age + Race & Creatinine level = eGFR

it should be noted that Serum creatinine is correlated with muscle mass and therefore estimation of GFR using prediction equations in people with extremes of muscle mass is subject to inaccuracy. In those with increased muscle mass, GFR will be under estimated.

in healthy individuals the eGFR is innacurate and other issues should be included to determine CKD, what this means for the majority of bodybuilders who are panicked by their Dr’s after a simple blood test is that it is highly likely that the eGFR is wrong if it shows stage 1 or 2 CKD

this table below shows you the stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, i am at Stage 5

Your eGFR result is given as a stage from one to five:
stage 1 (G1) – a normal eGFR (above 90ml/min), but other tests have detected signs of kidney damage
stage 2 (G2) – a slightly reduced eGFR (60-89ml/min), with other signs of kidney damage
stage 3a (G3a) – an eGFR of 45-59ml/min
stage 3b (G3b) – an eGFR of 30-44ml/min
stage 4 (G4) – an eGFR of 15-29ml/min
stage 5 (G5) – an eGFR below 15ml/min, meaning the kidneys have lost almost all of their function

4 comments on “Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 2”

  1. Ryan evans Reply

    Nice read pal! Stay postive and day at a time. Keep your cals high and just go do a simple pump sess and keep them timed so you don’t overdo it maybe?

  2. Katie , aka trout Reply

    Thinking of you all , and it’s nice to know that you are writing this blog , so like you said looks fine on the outside , but body n brain are telling you to slow down . Have a fantastic time on your family holiday and RELAX , and then you’ll soon be there with sarah and it will be a mild memory x good luck , and your right about frustration with Sheffield Sarah’s been going out off her mind , let’s hope today you will be one step nearer x

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