Finally the last stage before the Transplant – Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 5

Well this blog update is starting a tad better than the last one that saw me finishing the blog in hospital, granted I am currently in dialysis but that’s a totally different thing (i didn’t use to think that though lol)

Plenty to update in this blog and we start with some good news, my sister has passed all the tests/investigations she needed to so has been passed for transplant, this means she has been now passed down to the Plymouth live donor team to continue the process.
This is really good as the team in Sheffield seemed to drag their feet a fair bit which has delayed the whole process by months, we have the final stage of the transplant process (before the actual Transplant) this Friday the 16th, this is the Pre-Op and Anesthetic review plus a meeting to discuss the legalities of the transplant.
My sister is flying down from Manchester to Exeter tomorrow (15th) for the meetings, it’s all getting really close and whereas that is a good thing it is also very scary as this isn’t a five-minute operation.

I have spoken to the live donor team in Plymouth and they have agreed to arrange the transplant around my family holiday which is in the 1st week of August, so the transplant should be mid to late August, a scary prospect really as the operation takes 4-5hrs and I know the pain I will be after, I should get an actual date in the next 1-2 weeks after the meeting on Friday.

these last few weeks, unfortunately, have not been all rainbows and unicorns, I have been able to continue training but re-arranged the time I train to the morning so that I am not too tired from the day, I have cut the training down to 3 days a week with one extra day doing just cardio, my sessions are pretty quick normally taking 30-45min to complete, the sessions alternate on an upper/lower system…

I can definitely feel the difference in my stamina, this can only mean one thing that my kidneys are getting worse even though the strain is being elevated from them via my dialysis sessions, more and more I am finding myself needing to sit down at home as I have come over exhausted and more and more of these times I fall asleep, I suppose it is all inevitable really but my stubborn nature makes me try to continue as best as I can…..

I have had an amazing amount of support over the last few months people messaging me out the blue to tell me how inspirational I am and to be honest, this is amazing and keeps me going but more and more as the weeks and months go on i don’t feel inspirational at all……I will continue to train, work, do things with my family for as long as I can but I know when that transplant happens that all stops and that is when I have to be at my strongest, not physically but mentally and to be fair I am doubting my ability to do that.

My struggle is not being able to let go of the fact I am no longer a competitive bodybuilder and never will be again, I still track my food and although I do believe this is just a good thing to do i need to relax somewhat with it all as it is getting to the point where I eat less than my daily calorie allowance which in turn is affecting my energy levels at a time where fatigue is a big issue for me.

I am finishing this update in dialysis on the 16th hours before I go for my final interviews, unfortunately last night was a bad night, I had some prawns for tea and got food poisoning I will up all night with a temperature and being sick, I was sick so much I doubt I had any food left in me, this has led to me being really tired today and with no energy at all, not something I wanted to be like on the day of the interviews

I have to say that things are getting to me now but with the transplant being so close I can see end to all of this which has been one of the most challenging parts of my life if not the most challenging.

4 comments on “Finally the last stage before the Transplant – Dialysis, Transplant & Beyond Part 5”

  1. Dave Reply

    Stay strong mate. Keep us informed. I’ve been really strict with diet and everything and my GFR still dropped 10 points in two months. Gutted. Feel like there’s someone in my forehead trying to close my eyes all the time. Weird. Your sister is a hero! Good luck!

  2. Tony Rothwell Reply

    You don’t know me, I’ve followed you for years and I’ve had 2 battles through stomach cancer so I can kind of relate and I can tell you this , your going to be fine yes it’s a struggle and you have days when you might feel like giving up , but you’ve got that warrior mentality this is your battle now this is your prep and u’ll come through it a stronger person , good luck Paul though I’m sure you don’t need it

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