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Its been a while since i updated my blog, this is down to a few reasons, the main ones being time……i had a hectic NABBA season judging, then illness and a lot of my clients in Team Pscarb stepping onstage….

the second reason is that i wanted to redesign the web site, as you can see there is a big change, i hope you like it?

i will be adding videos, blog updates, pictures and articles over the coming weeks, months…..along with some great deals from my sponsors Cardiff Sports Nutrition and Samson Athletics so watch out for them….

so a quick update…..Team Pscarb clients have been busy with many competing over the last few weeks, here are some of the guys and girls..

Martin, Graham and Craig all competed at the UKBFF Port Talbot show


Craig did not place in the 1st timers class but held his own on stage and had the best pair of wheels up there….as you can see from the picture below he has made huge progress, and will continue to do so as we work together into 2015



Graham placed 4th in the classics class, it was a tough class and a good placing for Graham on his first competition in the Mr classes…..Graham will be working with me through 2015 as he runs into his next show.



Martin placed 3rd in the classics class, Martin was unlucky not to get an invite to the UKBFF finals, Martin is now one of my regular training partners so the aim is to now add more mass on to his frame in the coming year.



all these guys have been working with me for the last 12 months

Kelley is a client i have worked with for the last 4yrs, she competes in both NABBA and the BNBF, she won the BNBF Welsh figure title this year and then came 4th at the finals.

this shot is from the Welsh BNBF qualifier…..



Mark, is a client of mine in Australia, i have been working with Mark for the last 20 weeks…this picture was start of prep and then 2 days before the show


Mark placed 2nd in his show, which was a great achievement for Mark.

Lauren is the final client i have competing this year, she competed at the NABBA Central Britain and placed 5th in a tough lineup of 13 great girls.

10703792_10154725530440232_6312157503049080433_n (1)

this was the first time Lauren had stepped on a NABBA stage after swapping over from Bikini last year.

so as you can see it has been a busy time for me…..

my own training has been going well, after a rocky few months with illness, that had me losing more than a stone in a few days. things have been better since my family holiday in August and so far nothing has reoccured.

i have swapped over from Fortitude Training the brain child of Scott Stevenson which i followed for just over 15 months, to a more volumised way of training and so far the change has been good.

i am currently following a training plan that i used a few years back when i worked with Skip Hill from Intense Muscle, the premise to the training is to hit the major body parts more often than the smaller ones.

This style of training has me training Chest/Back & Legs at least once a week, although every other week i train Chest/Back twice. Shoulders and Arms are trained once every 10 days.

the weird thing though is that my shoulders and arms really respond to this style of training.

due to this swap in training style for a higher volume approach whilst still maintaining high intensity and heavy weights, i have managed to maintain my condition at about 12% without any need for cardio although this will be added soon in the coming months.

Over the last few weeks i have managed a PB on rack pulls of 220kg along with performing a 80kg front squat for the first time since my accident causing paralysis in 1996……

Last weeks training was

Monday – Back/Chest


Plate loaded incline press 4 working sets

Banded bench press 4 working sets

Incline DB press 4 working sets

Seated machine fly 3 sets to failure


BB Bent over row (deadstop)

Neutral grip pulldowns 4 working sets

Straight arm pullovers – supersetted with – Neutral grip chins 3 working sets


Plate loaded incline press 4 working sets

Seated flat press supersetted with Pec Deck 4 working sets

Wednesday session was Legs

Lying leg curls 6 working sets

Leg press 6 sets of 10 reps with 10sec rest between each set with 240kg

GHR’s 4 working sets

Leg extensions 4 working sets

Reverse Hypers 4 working sets

Seated calf raise 4 sets of 15

Friday: Back/Chest


Rack pulls 5 x 5 ( felt really weak only managed 180kg this week)

Seated Neutral grip row 4 working sets (1sec hold on contraction)

Seated wide grip pulldowns 4 working sets (1sec hold on contraction)

Neutral grip chins 3 working sets to failure (2 sec hold on descent)


Seated flat press 4 working sets

Seated flys 4 working sets

a good week training although by friday felt much weaker compared to the monday session.

i am still continuing with my NABBA duties as a Judge, after a very good NABBA qualifier season, we are at the point in the year where we are running into the NABBA England, NABBA Universe and NABBA UK all great shows that will be packed to the hilt with top physiques.

i will be at the NABBA Universe in an official capacity so if any of you are attending the show pop over and say hi.

i have re-jigged my use of peptides and GH for the last few months, to a method that has proved to be very good.

my current protocol goes like this

Training days (Mon/Wed/Fri) 5iu of Pharma GH PWO then 3000mcg of IPAM/100mcg of Mod GRF before bed (Boom dosing method)

None Training days (Tue/Thur/Sat) 5iu of Pharma GH before bed

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  1. thomas Reply

    Hey, just wanted to show some love from the states. Stumbled on your website looking for ghrp/ghrh info, and you have a LOT of good stuff here.

    Keep it up!

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