Ups and Downs of Life…..

what a week i have had, some great sessions in the gym but then some not so great, some great days in general then some not so great days, i guess what defines us is not how we handle the highs but how we deal with the Lows in our daily lives.

i am coming to the end of my current cycle and the results have been very good, my weight is up to 226lbs in decent condition, i am very happy with my physique at the moment and the cycle did its job, strength and weight is up…..

went down to train with Phil Learney 2 weeks ago and he helped me address some issues i have with balance in my shoulder area, it was a great session and i am sure my physique will benefit……

i am still training 3 days a week, using a training style that focusses more on Chest & Back, i will be increasing the days i train after christmas but for now this method is working well…..

Mondays session was the start of the 3 week phase, so Chest & Back, in this session Chest is dominant so a slightly higher volume than Back.

Banded Incline DB press 4 working sets (47.5kg)
Banded Bench Press 2 working sets without bands/3 banded sets
Flat machine fly 4 working sets
Dips 1 set to failure

Deadstop Bent Over Row 4 working sets
Seated Neutral grip pulldowns 4 working sets
Chins Neutral grip 2 working sets to failure (3 sec descent on each rep and hang at the end of each set)

it was a intense session, both Chest and Back fully pumped and aching…….

me and my normal training partners where joined by a new guy last night, not sure he has trained in such an intense way as he did last night, but he is coming back for more on Wednesday for legs……

I could not train Legs on Wednesday due to a small strain in my left quad, i went to see my physio and we agreed no quad work for a few weeks, it is nothing really bad but something i need to sort before it gets any worse, i was tired Wednesday night so decided to leave the Hamstring/Calf workout until Thursday.
Wednesday night was a bad night as i was suffering from a migraine from tension in my neck, so i did not sleep well and the migraine lasted all of Thursday…..although i did manage to get into the gym to get a good Hamstring/Glute and Calf session in…..

Standing Raise 5 working sets with 30 sec hard stretch between sets

Lying leg curl (upper body propped up) 5 sets
GHR 4 working sets
Standing Leg curl Supersetted with BB Bridges 4 working sets

Does not look much but it was a good session…….

Friday was a better day all round, my tensions migraine had gone and i was feeling much more positive after a decent nights sleep on Thursday night, so back to training with the guys friday night……

In this workout system i prioritise Back and Chest so on the first week this lands on both Monday & Friday, although on the Friday it is a Back dominant session……

The first exercise after a good warmup was a Tri-Set
Rack pulls 8 reps (180kg)
then onto
Close grip pulldowns 8 reps (making sure there was a 1sec squeeze at the bottom of the movement)
then onto
DB pullovers 8 reps (or failure)

this ti-set really pumped the back out, its been a long time since i did DB pullovers, they felt good and my Shoulder injury did not get in the way, so all good……
We then moved onto Meadow Rows doing 4 working sets
Next was a Superset of Rear felt flys and low pull rows, both were completed under control with a pause at full contraction, this lowered the weight that was used but really made the muscle work….

Incline Smith press 4 working sets (took a small tip from Mark Coles for this and made sure i kept my chest arched through the movement so not to drop the emphasis onto the anterior delts)
Seated flat flies 4 working set (each set taken to failure)

that was it and another great session, now for a relaxing weekend before hitting Shoulders and Arms on monday….

my diet has been very good but in some ways to good calorie wise, my appetite has been compromised of late, i worked out my calories last week and found i was only eating 2500 calories a day, still growing but need to start to push this number up….

so i am nursing a few small niggles at the moment, i will rest to make sure these don’t get any worse, whilst still trying to push my physique forward, all be it a tad slower than i wanted to…

but the positives are that my sessions are good and overall i have my health……

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